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Master bedroom with white furniture, large bed, beige carpet, warm lights chandelier, and a master bathroom with modern lighting, connected through barn style door.

Illuminate Your Space And Enrich Your Life

Light influences your mood and the way you feel because it contributes to the overall atmosphere in your home. Dark rooms without proper lighting can feel lonely and closed-off, making your home unexciting and uninviting.

It’s time for you to brighten up all areas in your home and transform it into a welcoming haven.

Illuminate your open-concept kitchen with new, creative lighting and make your bedroom or bathroom a relaxing room to be in. From interior lighting to exterior lighting, we can help you spread the light around your home and create a unique atmosphere in each room.

Keep Your Home Safe And Comfortable

Imagine you’re reading a book in your bedroom or living room after a hard day at work. Next thing you know, your light burns out and you have no idea why.

Sudden power outages or electrical issues are not just inconvenient but can also be dangerous.

From making sure all your lights and electrical appliances are safe to use, to reconfiguring your lighting fixtures and troubleshooting your electrical system – we do it all for you.

You deserve to enjoy your home to the fullest and not worry about your circuit breakers tripping, short circuits, or unsafe appliances anymore. Get comfortable and relax in a home that looks and functions the way you want.

Modern kitchen with white cabinets, dining area, silver finish appliances, brown wooden floor, and stylish lighting features.

Our Services

Prepare to let your imagination go wild and create a unique home with your own vibe. Whether it's a small electrical repair or designing a new electrical system from scratch - we've got the expertise to complete your project the way you want it.

Thermal image of electrical panel taken during troubleshooting process.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Your home’s safety should be a priority, so doing an electrical checkup now and then is important. But even more important is having your electrical work done by professionals. This way you make sure everything’s safe and up to code.

Electrical issues come in lots of forms. From power surges, power sags, high power bills, or malfunctioning circuit breakers, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Whatever your issue is, we can troubleshoot it to identify and fix it fast so you can enjoy a home that’s safe and functional.
If the issue is a quick fix, we’ll address it on the spot. If it’s a bigger problem, we’ll schedule a repair job for you in no time.

Home Renovation

When it comes to renovating your home, there’s more to it than changing colors or expanding your rooms. Sometimes a proper home renovation requires a whole electrical system upgrade, especially if your home is a bit older or if you’re having new devices installed. Imagine wanting to install a hot tub or new kitchen appliances only to find out your home’s electrical system can’t carry them.

You need an electrical system that can keep up with both your ever-changing needs and the technology advances. From upgrading your lights, installing smart outlets, or doing an entire electrical system renovation, we’re here to make sure that your home’s electrical job is done right.

Let’s make your home a safer, more efficient, and more convenient place to live in.

Newly renovated kitchen with white cabinets, wooden countertop for the island, composite floor, large window, silver finish appliances, and new lighting and fixtures.
Elegant bathroom with chandelier, white tub, glass shower tower, dark brown cabinets, and warm lighting.

Lighting Upgrades

Sometimes all you need for personalizing your home is upgrading your lighting fixtures. Having the right lighting enables you to create a different mood in every room and give your home an impressive look.

You can transform your home into an elegant, soothing place with soft lighting, an exciting place with bright changing lighting, or anything in between. Use your imagination and dream of a home that’s truly yours.

We’ll help you bring your vision to life and create an exciting, upgraded home that you can be proud of.

A Reliable Electrical Job In 3 Easy Steps

Tell us what you need and we make it happen for you while you sit back and relax. Our workmanship and communication skills are a cut above other contractors, so you can expect a job well done. Easy and stress-free.

1. Phone Consultation

Give us a call so we can learn more about your project and your needs. We will give you a price and timeline estimate for your electrical project and schedule you in for an in-home consultation.

2.In-Home Consultation

We come over to discuss your vision and what you want to achieve before walking you through the scope of work. We also go through all of the fine details and technicalities, then schedule when we’ll come out to work on your home.

3. We Get To Work

We’ll keep you updated at every step and you’ll get detailed reports of what we find. We make sure to be completely transparent so that you’re always aware of what’s going on in your home.

4. Enjoy Your Improved Home

We do a post-job walkthrough with you to make sure everything is to your liking. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy a home that’s energy-efficient, beautiful, and safe.

Meet Jake

Jake Rosser created Electric J Contracting in 2020 after working 14 years in the industry and counting. His great-grandfather and grandfather were electricians and his brother also became an electrician, so Jake has been involved in the trade throughout his life and learned to love its challenges. He tackles any problem with both the experience and the skills to come up with the most efficient solution to any problem.

Jake wants to make sure that you get the most of your time and money, so you can be assured that he’ll get the job done and not draw things out just to make an extra buck. He just wants you to have a solid, safe, and comfortable home. His love for his work is complemented by his love for working with his customers and getting to know the people he helps.

Almost all of his clients turn into friends, and he’s dedicated to always giving his best to every electrical project.

Owner posing near his work truck.

What Our Happy Customers Say

You and your home deserve reliable electrical services. Here’s what our previous clients say about their experience with us. We can't wait to meet you and for you to join them!


Very professional, quick and clean.

I recommend electric J for any electrical work you need done!



We are extremely pleased with the excellent work which has been recently completed at our home by Jake of Electric J Contracting Ltd.

Jake is very professional in his work. Jake was punctual, knowledgeable, accommodating, efficient, tidy and dependable as he completed several different electrical projects.

Jake will be the first electrician we will call for any future electrical work.

We will not hesitate to highly recommend this company to our family and acquaintances alike.



Jake is a quality guy who does quality work.

I am happy to refer him to any of my real estate clients. Great job, thx!


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